Sewell Group commissioned us to produce a series of films to bring out the personality of the company and fit within its re-branding.

The Sewell Group has a long history dating back to 1876, leading the way in areas such as investments, construction, safety, health, and fuel and convenience retailing.

The Challenge: The Sewell Group’s departments are all very different and we needed to ensure that we conveyed what each department and team did on a day to day basis.

The Solution: We spent 3 months filming and visited all of the Sewell Group premises, sites and locations speaking to a cross section of employees. We also gained third party testimonials and interviewed Sewell Group stakeholders, partners and end users. The films were shot in a very stylised and artistic way using fixed and hand held cameras to create the look and feel. Cranes and track and dollies also added to the production value.

The Results: We produced 6 films to be displayed on the Sewell Group’s new corporate website. Each department has a separate film which is shown in the relevant section. We know that websites with film mean 78% of people remain on the pages longer and are more likely to make a positive action as a result.